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 Entrance steel doors from company "SKYDAS " is first of all care of your safety and comfort. Specialization of company "SKYDAS " - sale of steel doors of high quality which are projected and made in view of the newest technologies in the field of protection of modern habitation against breaking. Company "SKYDAS " is glad to offer you - metal doors of the non-standard sizes, arch and swing doors, and also the special fire-prevention doors having the corresponding certificate.

Making use of the saved up experience, companies " SKYDAS " constantly improves the "know-how" of steel doors. Owing to the reliability, the refined design and high quality, metal doors of company " SKYDAS " enjoy the big popularity in the Europe.

Major principl
e of company " SKYDAS " - to give to buyers of a product of the first-rate quality. Important not only to make a product and to sell the goods, but also to satisfy needs even the most legible buyer. Companies " SKYDAS " values each entrusted order and c a factory are not released any product, preliminary not having checked up it especially carefully. For each person important feeling of safety, therefore company " SKYDAS " works that you and your house have been protected.

Having entrusted the safety and safety of your house to company "SKYDAS ", you will be assured, that have made the true decision.

"Plieninis SKYDAS " the-reliable and fair Partner!
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