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Dear Customers,
during the selection of different kinds of doors and door designs, on the search of attractive prices, please do not forget the most important point - the door properties. Nobody is able to see with the naked eye these properties, for this reason these properties and other technical characteristics are determined at universities laboratories, at institutes and at other research centres. Experiments with doors of producers are in progress. Therefore the arising research results comply with the trueness. Random samples, even if they are affirmative, are not able to sufficiently insure that the manufactured products always fulfil the asked requirements. For this reason centre for certification of fabrics and productions (SPSC - Statybos Produkcijos Sertifikavimo Centras) is carrying out validations of production quality test systems of a manufacturer. In this way is guaranteed that a manufacturer fulfils all required conditions for maintenance of a stable production quality.

Of course, there are more important things in life. But while buying the contracts of purchase are often signed careless without careful reading the contracts and to interest oneself for the existence of certificates which are proving the carried out researches, e.g. mechanical stability, heat transfer coefficient, sound isolation index, air permeability, water resistance, wind loading reliability. How good are the results? Are they satisfying your expectance.

Over a long period of existence of this enterprise, we have carried out a lot of researches, have found door construction subtleties and in this way have produced the most qualitative and most reliable armoured door "SKYDAS".

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