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Colouring of metal constructions

The complete door construction we colour with the so called powder method Powder colours are very well adequate for permanent protection of metal surfaces and for decoration. To achieve the perfect surface quality one has to strictly follow all colouring process steps. With a special suspension system the doors are transported and the single process steps are aplied. This colouring line has been developed by us for our special requirements to be conform with highest quality standards.Before colouring, the surfaces of metal construction are being degreased and a phosphatise process is being applied with a 80°C hot GARDOBOND A4932/1 solution.

First with aid of an electrical field the colour powder particles are applied on the surface which before was prepared for colouring. In this way the colour particles are covering perfectly the complete surface and they stay there. The different product shapes are incorporated, since the electronic regulation of electrostatical field inte- nsity is controlling the colour flow. The with colour powder powdered doors are placed in a furnace. The furnace polymerisation electronic is regulating the duration and the colour melting temperat- ure (180-200°C). In this way we can achieve qualitative and regular thick of surfaces. Such surfaces are more dur- able than surface which was coloured with con- ventionally methods. The door colouring quality is satisfied thro- ugh electronic colour thick measurement. 
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